Michael Inglima

Eyedentity Graphics

In April of 2015, I was hired at Eyedentity Graphics as the only full-time Graphic Designer creating graphics for vehicle and boat wraps, wall murals, billboards, signs, and decals.

During my time at Eyedentity, I designed countless graphics for all different kinds of cars, trucks, semis, buses and boats. Other graphics included various signage, interior and exterior wall murals, and custom cut decals. I was also responsible for the brand development of Roly Poly Wraps and Coffin Wraps.

Roly Poly Wraps is a service providing graphic wraps to infants who need surgical helmets to correct a flat-spot or misshaping on their heads. The helmets provided are very medical and industrial looking which unfortunately leads to awkward and inappropriate questions to the parents about a possible "condition" with the baby. We would offer wraps that lighten the mood and speak to baby or families personality. I was responsible for logo creation and brand development, as well as marketing the service for free and for profit.

Coffin Wraps is a service offered to customers seeking to stylize the casket of their recently deceased family or friend. My responsibilities were to create the logo and market the service to align it's profitability with the vehicle wraps.